10 Avengers: Endgame Female Characters Who Deserved More Screen Time

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By FilMonger

While Avengers: Endgame might have been an iconic movie that brought together dozens of characters in the end, many of the films female characters didn’t get a lot of focus. In the final battle, we see the vanished characters return and lots of the women come together to help defeat Thanos and his army. However, throughout most of the movie, the men of the MCU are the main focus, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Here are ten of the female characters from Avengers: Endgame who deserved more screen time.

Mantis is one of the dusted characters, so it makes sense she didn’t occupy a lot of time in the film. When everyone is brought back at the end, we do see her briefly on the battlefield but that’s about it. She does also get to say a great line at the end of the film when Thor joins up again with the Guardians.

Black Widow is one of the only female characters who got significant focus in the film. However, the way her story ended secures her spot on this list. Black Widow dies on Vormir in order to get the Soul Stone, so she’s not even around for the final battle. Having one of the only women who was focused on in this film die for good might not have been the best choice, and her absence in the final battle was definitely noticed. One thing’s for sure, Black Widow deserved better.

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