10 Unused Spider-Man Villains Perfect for the MCU’s Spider-Man 4

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By Bruce Wayne

Spider-Man has a rogues gallery filled with bizarre and unique villains that could bring fresh and entertaining dynamics to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While the MCU has featured formidable foes like Thanos and Kang, it’s time to explore some lesser-known but intriguing villains who could make their cinematic debut in Spider-Man 4.

1. Stegron- A Savage Addition to the MCU

Stegron, also known as Dinosaur Man, offers a unique twist on the Lizard character. His affiliation with the Savage Land could introduce a wild and captivating setting in the MCU, especially with the multiverse’s limitless possibilities.

2. Kangaroo- Adding Humor to the Mix

While Kangaroo’s high-jumping abilities may not pose a significant threat, his arrival could inject some much-needed comic relief into the Spider-Man narrative, balancing the tone.

3. Screwball- The Social Media Menace

Screwball, a social media influencer-turned-villain, could provide a modern twist to Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery. Her relevance to the digital age and potential impact on Peter Parker’s life make her an intriguing addition.

4. Living Brain- An AI Dilemma

Living Brain, with its superhuman computing abilities, touches on contemporary concerns about artificial intelligence. Introducing this character could open doors to explore AI-related themes in the MCU.

5. Styx & Stone- Sympathetic Villains with a Twist

Styx and Stone, members of the Cult of Entropy, offer complexity to their characters. Their abilities, tied to death and life force, could make them unusual yet compelling adversaries in the MCU.

6. Doppelganger- A Dive into Horror

Doppelganger’s grotesque appearance and connection to Peter Parker’s origin story make him a prime candidate for exploring horror elements in the MCU. This character could also pave the way for the introduction of the Spider-Verse and Miles Morales.

7. Spot- Portal-Throwing Potential

With Spot’s ability to create portals attached to his body, the MCU could dive deeper into portal-based combat scenes, building on the momentum from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

8. Swarm- A Buzzworthy Villain

Swarm, composed of bees controlled by human intelligence, brings a unique twist. His relevance to beekeeping and ecosystem health could add depth to his character in a modern setting.

9. Human Fly- A Bug-Themed Antagonist

Human Fly could provide an intriguing dynamic for Spider-Man, exploring the world of bug-themed villains. His creation involving J. Jonah Jameson could elevate the character’s significance.

10. White Rabbit- A Wonderland of Possibilities

White Rabbit’s Alice in Wonderland-themed persona and giant mecha-bunny transport offer endless entertainment potential. Her collaborations with other bizarre villains could lead to a delightful invasion of unique foes in the MCU.

Spider-Man 4 has the opportunity to introduce a fresh roster of villains that expand the MCU’s creative horizons. While these characters may not pose world-ending threats like previous antagonists, their uniqueness and potential for engaging storytelling make them perfect candidates for the MCU’s Spider-Man universe. As fans eagerly await the film’s developments, the prospect of encountering these lesser-known villains adds excitement to the future of Spider-Man in the MCU.