12 “Underrated” Marvel Heroes With Standout Costumes That Are “Worthy” Fit for Avengers

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By Black Widow

Marvel is brimming with heroes beyond the A-list Avengers, showcasing lesser-known yet visually striking characters with costumes that could rival the best.

A superhero’s attire is more than just clothing—it’s an emblem of their identity, capturing the essence of their character in bold aesthetics. This selection of 12 underrated Marvel heroes boasts costumes that are both visually captivating and meaningful, solidifying their place in the hearts of fans.

These heroes may be flying under the radar, but their costumes are certainly turning heads.

1. Prodigy

Designed by Spider-Man himself, the Prodigy persona boasts an extravagant costume adorned with a cape and crown.


Richard Gilmore later adopted this identity, showcasing bold orange, silver, and black hues. His mystically enhanced suit grants super strength, agility, bulletproofing, and the power to glide on air currents.

2. Silver Sable

Silver Sable’s costume, resembling a metallic sculpture, exudes elegance and strength. The monochromatic silver design is both fashionable and functional, providing protective armor with kevlar lining.


3. Night Thrasher

Night Thrasher’s eye-catching costume sets him apart from traditional vigilantes. Breaking the norm of all-black attire, his black costume with pops of red reflects his confident and heroic demeanor.

Equipped with body armor, jet boots, and versatile weaponry, Night Thrasher’s outfit is as practical as it is stylish.

4. Dazzler

Dazzler’s disco-inspired superhero costume perfectly suits her role as a mutant pop star. With wide lapels and a bell-bottomed jumpsuit, her ensemble captures the disco era’s spirit.

Her unique abilities to convert sound energy into light and energy beams are matched by her distinctive appearance.

5. Mach IV

From Beetle to Hero Abner Jenkins, known as Mach IV, boasts a costume that underwent iterations, each enhancing his appearance and powers.

With red, silver, and black power colors, his suit includes wings, energy blasters, and a grenade launcher, showcasing his intellect and ingenuity.

6. White Tiger

Mystical Powerhouse White Tiger’s monochromatic white and black costume, adorned with the South Korean flag emblem, reflects her national identity.

Gifted with feline agility, enhanced strength, speed, senses, and camouflage powers by the White Tiger amulet, her attire aligns with her abilities.

7. Fantomex

Part Human, Part Machine Fantomex’s costume mirrors his cynical origins, designed to parody established superhero archetypes.

The black and white contrast is visually arresting, while the X belt buckle cements his alliance with the X-Men.

8. Blue Marvel

Renaissance Hero Blue Marvel’s costume harks back to an earlier age of heroism, echoing Superman’s color scheme of white and blue.

A symbol of overcoming prejudice, his costume stands as a testament to his legacy and commitment.

9. Taegukgi

South Korea’s Heroic Symbol Taegukgi’s suit pays homage to South Korea, proudly displaying the national flag emblem.

Its sturdy design offers protection and durability, reflecting its status as a symbol of national pride.

10. Hellcat

Versatile Vigilante Hellcat’s striking catsuit employs vibrant yellow as its main hue, complementing her lustrous hair and cat ears.

With steel alloy claws and boots, her suit is as functional as it is stylish.

11. Darkhawk

Human-Android Hybrid Darkhawk’s techno-organic Raptor suit transforms into a myriad of forms, equipped with super strength, agility, and weaponry.

The contrast between black and white elements makes for an eye-catching design.

12. Superior Octopus

Villainous Turn The Superior Octopus’s sleek costume fuses elements of his time as Spider-Man with his villainous colors.

With a redesigned mechanical arms setup, his attire embodies his complex moral outlook.

While these heroes may not enjoy the same recognition as Marvel’s marquee names, their costumes are a testament to the creativity and diversity within the superhero universe.

From monochromatic elegance to disco-inspired flair, each costume reflects the character’s unique traits and abilities, allowing them to stand out and captivate fans in their own right.