Brie Larson Controversy Explained | Why People Hate Her

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By FilMonger

Brie Larson – on a press junket for the highly anticipated upcoming film Captain Marvel – has been the subject of many a Reddit forum and youtube comment space. Though starring as the character destined to save the Avengers, not everyone is excited for Larson’s performance.

After receiving grossly negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, prior to the film’s release, Rotten Tomatoes removed the audience commentaries from the site. Since the film has not been made available to the public, it became clear that trolls (based on their own reservations regarding Larson and a brief trailer at best) were attempting to negatively impact the film’s box office performance.

While Rotten Tomatoes stood up against this as the site is designed to promote conversation and actual critical commentary, “haters” have not slowed down in any capacity. So, what’s causing all the backlash?

Here is our video explaining why people possibly hate her and some funny trolls made by the Marvel cast on Brie Larson.