A First Look At Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington for the Upcoming Stranger Things Season 5

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By Black Widow

The official Stranger Things writer’s room X (formerly Twitter) account, @strangerwriters, recently released an exclusive glimpse of what lies ahead. This first look features Joe Keery in his iconic role as Steve Harrington, but there’s a twist—it’s not a completed shot but rather an animated previsualization.

The gif shared by the writers’ room shows Joe Keery’s character turning and looking toward the camera. It’s a tantalizing teaser of what’s to come in Season 5, which has left fans buzzing with excitement.

The WGA strike had temporarily halted production, but the good news is that the script for Season 5 was nearly finished before the strike began on May 2. This means that some minor details about the upcoming season might be revealed, further igniting fan anticipation.

An Insight into Steve Harrington

Joe Keery’s portrayal of Steve Harrington has made the character a beloved fan favorite over the seasons. Steve’s journey on the show has been one of transformation and growth, evolving from an initially unlikeable boyfriend to a complex and endearing character.

Steve’s character arc took a turn when he admitted to still having feelings for Nancy Wheeler, portrayed by Natalia Dyer, in Season 4. This revelation left fans speculating about the possibility of a reunion between the two characters, but it also raised questions about the impact on their individual character growth.

Steve Harrington

The show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, are known for their masterful storytelling. While fans may have their own hopes and expectations for the Nancy/Steve storyline, they trust that the Duffer Brothers have a well-thought-out plan that will deliver a satisfying and meaningful conclusion for these beloved characters.