A Royal Christmas Crush: Where Was This Hallmark Movie Filmed?

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By Aquaman

People fall into one of two categories: those who favor the heat or those who adore the cold. A extremely festive combination of the two is Hallmark’s month-long Christmas in July event, which shows films about the largest winter holiday during the hottest time of the year.

A Royal Christmas Crush, the first brand-new release, is also set in what may be the coldest setting we’ve ever seen in a Hallmark holiday film—I’m referring about a hotel constructed entirely of ice!

In the film, the royal family of a fictitious Nordic nation usually celebrates the holidays tucked away in an ice hotel. Ava (played by Katie Cassidy), the designer of the hotel, is needed this year because she is an architect.

However, this ends up being much more than just a regular engagement when Ava meets and instantly charms Prince Henry (Stephen Huszar) at this event. You’ll simply have to hazard a guess as to what happens next!

So what’s up with this hotel made of ice? Did Hallmark really create a whole ice hotel for a single holiday film? Or is this somewhere you can go and perhaps stay? Here is all the information you want for the ice hotel from A Royal Christmas Crush.

So Where Was A Royal Christmas Crush Filmed?

The hotel, which is really called the Hôtel de Glace, is situated in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Quebec, in Canada. The ice hotel is a real building that is open from January to March every year, unlike the movie.

The only ice hotel in North America, the Hôtel de Glace, is really constructed of ice and snow. That is why it is closed for a short time during the winter. There are various attractions at the hotel, many of which are included in A Royal Christmas Crush. Included in that are the church, sauna, and Grand Hall in addition to the ice slide.

It will cost you about $300 USD each night to spend the night at the ice hotel. The hotel has 30 rooms, including many suites and theme rooms that include spectacular snow creations.

The hotel’s website offers advice on what to pack and what to dress, including how to layer up for a comfortable night’s sleep. Even a training session is necessary for every visitor!