Amber Heard Talks All things Acting Ahead of “In the fire” Premiere in Sicily

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Amber Heard became infamous after her trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp, where she was sued for defamation after making comments about Depp in an op-ed column. The comments further resulted in the actress being liable for 15 million USD in overall damages and Depp liable for 2 million USD as a result of her counterclaim.

Amber Heard in “In The Fire”

Now, the actress is recuperating in the aftermath of the trial, with preparing for the world premiere of her film “In The Fire” at the Taromania Film Festival in Sicily where she has delivered a powerful performance in a film that deals with the clash between science and religion during the 1890’s when people thought religion was the most powerful thing in the world.

The premise of the film is intriguing and interesting and already Heard seems to have found a sense of community with the cast and crew over the course of the shoot and were a safe haven at a time when the rest of the world was vilifying her.

Amber Heard Talks All things Acting Ahead of "In the fire" Premiere in Sicily

This film is something the actress has been working on for a while, since winning her UK trial in 2020 and wrapped up her portion of the shoot right before her trial in Virginia. But whatever her personal struggles at the time director Connor Allyn says that she didn’t let it get to her and that disappearing into her character gave her a little less time to have to worry about what was going on in her life.

Ally also goes so far as to praise Heard for her ability to compartmentalize her life so that she can be the best version of herself on and off the screen as her character and therefore her performance is pivotal to the film.

Amber Heard Talks All things Acting Ahead of "In the fire" Premiere in Sicily

Heard herself is careful not to draw anymore attention to the widely publicized trial and is now focused on promoting the film, which is the first step to her gaining her credibility in the film industry once again.

While it may never be what it once was, her mistakes and relationship casting a shadow over her future, the actress believes she is more than what she has been through and from her statements, a film premiere and a DC film releasing at the end of the year it looks like she is back in the film industry and here to stay.