America Ferrera’s Barbie Monologue Took Multiple Days to Shoot

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By Scarlet Witch

Spoiler Alert!

If you have seen Barbie, then you have witnessed the epic monologue by America Ferrera. The monologue has made every person in the theater teared up a bit but the delivering of the shot made Ferrera work up as well. Up until now, Greta Gerwig has directed three films, all of which she either wrote or co-wrote. In each of her films, there exists a poignant moment—a monologue, a scene, or a sentiment—where the harsh reality of being a woman in the modern world is presented in plain and unapologetic language, and Barbie has maintained the standard. The fun part is behind the scene of the scene, Ferrera says it felt like she took 500 takes thou, it was indeed at least 30 to 40 takes. Barbie is in theaters now, and it has created a great buzz. 

America Ferrera in Barbie

The actress has been known for her acting skills, but her heartfelt monologue in the movie won the hearts of the audience. As Ferrera’s monologue unfolded on the silver screen, it skillfully encapsulated the multitude of contradictory demands modern society places on women. The monologue was equally hard to practice and deliver, and Ferrera did a great job. It took her nearly 30 to 50 takes to deliver the best shot. The actress felt it was 500 takes, she also mentions her on-screen daughter played by Ariana Greenblatt become so used to hearing the dialogue that she could recite it too. We can all say that Ferrera’s hard work paid off. The movie has become the biggest hit of this summer. The movie has made $337m globally surpassing its competitor Oppenheimer which made $174.2m globally.