Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Trailer Unites Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson in Epic Sequel

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By Bruce Wayne

DC Studios has treated fans to the highly anticipated full-length trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, featuring the return of Jason Momoa as the iconic superhero, Arthur Curry. The trailer offers a thrilling glimpse into the upcoming aquatic adventure, set to hit theaters on December 20.

A Reunion of Heroes and Villains

The trailer showcases the familiar faces of the Aquaman universe, with glimpses of Arthur Curry and his mother Atlanna, portrayed by Nicole Kidman. It also reintroduces the formidable Black Manta, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Mera, portrayed by Amber Heard.

One of the intriguing moments in the trailer is Arthur’s encounter with his half-brother Orm, portrayed by Patrick Wilson. Together, they appear to team up against the menacing Black Manta. The trailer hints at the intensifying conflict as Black Manta ominously vows to “kill Aquaman and destroy everything he holds dear,” adding, “I’m gonna murder his family … burn his kingdom to ash.”

A Shift in Tone- From Romance to Bromance

Director James Wan, known for the success of the first Aquaman film, shared insights into the sequel’s direction. While the initial installment was described as a “romance action-adventure movie” primarily focusing on the relationship between Arthur and Mera, the sequel takes a different turn. Wan explains it as a “bromance action-adventure movie,” centering on the dynamic between Arthur and his half-brother Orm.

Wan also clarified that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is not connected to recent DC big-screen releases like The Flash.

The Growth of Arthur Curry

One of the most compelling aspects of the sequel, as revealed by James Wan, is the character development of Arthur Curry. The director notes how Arthur’s journey evolves from a wanderer in the first film to someone with a clearer direction in the second. This growth sets the stage for potential future Aquaman movies.

Wan expressed his vision for the next installment, emphasizing the importance of character development and growth. While he didn’t reveal specific storylines, he hinted at building upon the foundation laid in the second film.

Behind-the-Scenes Insight

Fans eager for a glimpse behind the curtain will appreciate director James Wan‘s Instagram post from January 2022. In it, he celebrated the final day of filming the movie, highlighting the wet and adventurous nature of the production.

The decision to postpone the sequel’s release was explained by Wan as necessary to ensure they could execute the “big, epic world-building” correctly.

Mark Your Calendar – Aquaman Returns on December 20

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom promises an exciting new chapter in the underwater world of Arthur Curry. With a fresh focus on bromance, character growth, and epic battles, fans can look forward to a thrilling aquatic adventure when the film hits theaters on December 20, 2023.