Bebe Rexha Hit by Phone Thrown by Fan During Concert

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By Black Widow

Pop Star Recovers after Disturbing Incident

Pop sensation Bebe Rexha was abruptly rushed off stage during a concert in New York on Sunday after being struck in the head by a phone thrown by a fan. The incident left Rexha in pain and caused a brief moment of chaos at the venue. However, she remained resilient and reassured her fans of her well-being.

Assault at the Concert

While performing at Pier 17, Bebe Rexha was hit by a phone thrown by a fan, causing her to collapse to her knees in pain. The incident prompted her immediate removal from the stage, with her hands pressed to her face. Disturbing video footage posted online depicted security personnel escorting a man out of the crowd as outraged fans shouted that it was an act of assault. Subsequently, the New York Police confirmed that a 27-year-old concertgoer had been charged with assault.

Bebe Rexha injured from the concert

Injuries and Recovery

Following the incident, Bebe Rexha took to Instagram on Monday to share photos revealing her injuries. The pictures displayed bruising around her left eye and a cut on her eyebrow. Despite the injuries, Rexha captioned the images with a positive tone, assuring her followers that she was okay and even giving a thumbs-up to the camera. According to reports, the star received medical treatment and required three stitches for her eyebrow.

Fan Reactions and Show’s Conclusion

Fans in attendance expressed shock and disbelief at the unfortunate ending of the concert. Witnesses recalled seeing the object hit Rexha, initially mistaking it for a CD or a paper before witnessing her reaction. Many lamented that the actions of one individual had marred an otherwise enjoyable event. The incident left an unsettling impression on the audience, with concerns expressed for Rexha’s well-being.

Moving Forward

Bebe Rexha is expected to resume her tour and is scheduled to perform at The Fillmore in Philadelphia on June 20. Her next performance in London at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire is set for July 28. Despite the distressing incident, Rexha’s resilience shines through as she remains determined to continue entertaining her fans around the world.