US Strike: Bectu Warns its Potential Impact of on UK Production

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By Black Widow

Bectu, the union representing the creative industries, has raised concerns about the potential consequences of the looming SAG-AFTRA strike in the United States on the UK production sector. It warns that numerous UK productions are at risk of going on hiatus if mediation between SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP fails, exacerbating the current slowdown in the UK industry.

The union highlights a “perfect storm” brewing for freelancers and emphasizes the need for realistic negotiations to reach a successful resolution.

Bectu Warns of Potential Impact of US Strike on UK Production

UK Productions at Risk Due to SAG-AFTRA Strike:

Bectu reports that it has received information about UK productions that could be impacted by the strike in the US. If the mediation efforts fail, the union anticipates that more UK productions will be affected, potentially leading to production halts and disruptions.

Worsening the UK Industry Slowdown:

The UK industry is already grappling with a slowdown caused by various factors, such as high inflation, decreased advertising revenue, and the freeze on the BBC licence fee. Bectu warns that a failure to reach an agreement between AMPTP and SAG-AFTRA, coupled with the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) action in the US, could exacerbate the challenges faced by the UK industry.

SAG-AFTRA Strike Situation:

The SAG-AFTRA negotiating committee has unanimously recommended a strike after unsuccessful contract negotiations. The union’s National Board is set to vote on whether to proceed with the strike. Bectu urges AMPTP to negotiate realistically and in good faith to bring about a successful resolution that benefits the people involved in film and TV production.

Promoting Indigenous Productions:

Bectu emphasizes the need for the UK industry to support more indigenous productions. It highlights an “overreliance” on US productions, resulting in a limited number of British films being made each year. Encouraging a diverse range of local productions can help mitigate the impact of potential disruptions caused by international strike.

Seeking Solutions and Support:

Bectu has engaged in discussions with major UK broadcasters to develop an industry-led strategy for addressing the commissioning slowdown affecting unscripted freelancers. The union is also working with the Film and TV Charity to assess the broader impact of the industry slowdown and financial pressures on freelancers. Further meetings with broadcasters are being pursued to address these critical issues.

Bectu’s warning highlights the potential ramifications of the SAG-AFTRA strike in the US on the UK production sector. The union emphasizes the need for realistic negotiations and urges support for indigenous productions to mitigate vthe impact of potential disruptions. Collaboration with broadcasters and industry organizations is underway to address the commissioning slowdown and support freelancers affected by the industry’s challenges.