Benedict Cumberbatch Babysitting Tom Holland

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By FilMonger

Tom Holland is known for dolling out Marvel movies spoilers by the dozen. So much that as a new marketing strategy Marvel Studios used that as a promotional tool for announcing Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In fact, there were several incidents when the 1917 actor could be seen putting his hand on Tom Holland’s mouth. But our little Spidey being the mess that he is, even after that managed to give another scoop to the media.

There are some of the several supercuts on YouTube compiling the many times Holland inched dangerously towards revealing a spoiler, and the equal number of times Cumberbatch lunged into action to stop him.

It’s difficult to look forward to next part of Avengers. But if anyone can promise me Cumberbatch will once again be employed as Holland’s official babysitter, I’ll very much look forward to that.