Benedict Cumberbatch’s Obsession With Tea

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By FilMonger

When is tea not tea? That is, inarguably, a question. According to the Sherlock actor and exceptionally unlikely sex symbol Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s when it comes in a little sachet and smells of newly mown lawn.

His argument boiled down to the proposition that “tea is a drink made from the tea plant”, so drinks made from other plants are not tea, which is fair and makes sense, as long as you agree that the meaning of a word can never change or adapt and must remain the same for all eternity.

Never talk to Benedict Cumberbatch about chamomile tea. He’s really not a fan, and he wants you to know it.

Fans were, of course, loving his tirade – hailing Cumberbatch as being “clued up on the important things”. But, not everybody was on his side with one fan posting: “CHAMOMILE TEA IS TEA fight me Benedict Cumberbatch 

It’s hard to ascertain which is hotter—Benedict Cumberbatch or his tea.

Following his dramatic performance of “I’m a Little Teapot” last month, the British actor has agreed to share the secret to making the perfect cup of tea.–sgQETx8