Billie Eilish Surprising Her Fans | Billie Eilish Funny Fan Moments

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There are many reasons why Billie Eilish is intriguing – the most prominent being how she isn’t your typical pop star. Just when you think you know her she’ll make you realise that you really don’t and tell you to just stop trying

Billie Eilish is the most influential artist of our time right now even though she really doesn’t want to be. The 18-year-old singer-songwriter has been captivating audiences with her unique sound for a short time, but already she’s proven that her brand of music is the future.

Eilish combines ASMR elements with catchy tunes and pulsing beats to create a sound that’s found its way into the mainstream.

It’s human nature to lean in close when someone is speaking quietly. Eilish uses that tendency to her advantage and captivates fans by keeping her vocals very soft, instantly drawing more attention to what she’s saying.

Eilish’s sound mixer said, “everything is close-mic’d and whispered” so that her vocals are always “super present.” This tactic makes it feel like Eilish is standing right next to you, whispering a secret.

Really, Eilish is just being the teenager she is, but it’s when you hit play on her songs like “my boy” and “COPYCAT”  that you feel a maturity and deep insight funnel through, visually and lyrically. She’s not your average pop star, and that’s not even what she’s trying to go after.

Growing up in an extremely musical family, the California native listened to every genre of music on special mix tapes her father compiled for Eilish and her brother.

 If anyone can prove age is just a number it’s certainly Billie. Her maturity, talent, attitude and lifestyle definitely scream adult. But it’s pretty awesome that someone so young is absolutely killing it. We can’t wait for what future years bring.