Bucky Barnes “Almost” Lands a “Big” Role in Disney’s “Rogers: The Musical”

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By Iron Man

The composer of Rogers: The Musical shared a longer version was considered with a bigger role for Bucky Barnes, but time constraints led to changes.

Disney and Marvel Studios delighted fans with the creation of Rogers: The Musical, an in-universe show inspired by Hawkeye on Disney+. However, while the musical offered a humorous and entertaining retelling of Steve Rogers’ MCU journey, some fans were left disappointed with Bucky Barnes’ limited role in the production. This article delves into the reasons behind Bucky’s scaled-back presence and explores the potential for a more extensive portrayal of the Winter Soldier in future adaptations.

Bucky Barnes’ Limited Role Explained

How Bucky Barnes Missed A Much Bigger Role in Rogers: The Musical

Rogers: The Musical aimed to offer a compact and engaging experience, intending to keep the show between 30 to 35 minutes. With plans to stage it four times a day, the creative team was faced with tough choices regarding character prominence. Unfortunately, Bucky Barnes, portrayed by Sebastian Stan, became one of the characters who received a reduced part in the musical.

The Longer Version and Bucky’s Potential

Christopher Lennertz, the conductor and composer of Rogers: The Musical, revealed that a more extended version of the show had initially been considered. In this version, Bucky would have played a more significant role, with a potential duet between Bucky and Cap showcasing their deep bond. However, due to time constraints, the idea had to be abandoned.

Peggy and Bucky’s Line Swap

One aspect that drew fan criticism was the swapping of lines between Peggy Carter and Bucky Barnes. Lennertz explained that this decision was intentional and not a mistake. The show’s creative team wanted to include a particular line, and given the limited time available, they chose to have Peggy deliver it. This choice was made to ensure the show’s unique demands were met.

The Possibility of a Broadway Version

Despite the restrictions of the Disneyland performance, Lennertz expressed hope for a grander Broadway version of Rogers: The Musical, where Bucky Barnes could be given a more significant and deserved presence. This hypothetical adaptation could provide the opportunity for a deeper exploration of Bucky’s character and his relationship with Captain America.