Camila Cabello And Fifth Harmony Talking About Each Other

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Fifth Harmony has already defied the odds — by selling nearly half-a-million albums in a career launched on TV’s The X Factor less than five years ago, by scoring two top five Billboard Hot 100 hits 

Camila Cabello may have been the one to leave Fifth Harmony, but that doesn’t mean the 20-year-old singer hasn’t been hurt by some of her former bandmates’ actions.

During Fifth Harmony’s 2017 performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards, the band poked fun at Cabello, who had publicly left the successful girl group to embark on a solo career at the end of 2016

At the very beginning of their performance of “Down,” the singers took the stage with five members before one appeared to be yanked off stage from behind.

The “Work From Home” singers later said the VMA stunt wasn’t intended to be a dig towards Cabello, but a celebration of how the four remaining members of Fifth Harmony were stronger than ever.

The “Havana” singer also opened up for the first time about why she decided to leave the successful pop group. Cabello told the Times that the trouble started after she became the first member of the group to release music outside of the band

As tensions started building, Cabello claimed she tried to become more involved with Fifth Harmony’s songwriting process, but was denied the opportunity.

Cabello also added that the tension between her and her bandmates only got worse as she began working with more producers, like Diplo.