Carnage Takes a New Form: New Ultimate Godkiller

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By Star-Lord

WARNING: The post contains spoilers for Carnage #3

The symbiote known as Carnage has a plan to turn himself into something worse than a god.
A killer. He will be even more dangerous than the God-Butcher because of the powers he stole from two supervillains and the use of advanced technology.

During the King in Black event, the lore surrounding the alien race of symbiotes was rewritten and expanded. The symbiotes were created by Knull, a primordial god of darkness, who was trapped in the heart of planet Klyntar after his creations rebelled against him. The universe was brought to its knees by the freeing of Knull by the deranged host of the symbiote.

The Carnage symbiote survived because of the power of his dark god. No longer in need of a host to survive, Carnage puts in motion a plan elaborated by Cletus before his death, to ascend and become the thing that kills gods. There were several elements to the plan. He stole Hydro-Man’s water-based powers. He targeted the doctor. Spot needed access to the Darkforce Dimension in order to be a criminal.