Celebrities Hilariously Photobombing Other Celebrities

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By FilMonger

When you’re a celebrity, being photographed and taking cheesy selfies with your fans is nothing unusual. That’s part of the reason why many A-list stars avoid being photographed, but others don’t seem to mind it, and they even enjoy popping into the shot when they’re not asked for a photo.

Some celebrities don’t take themselves too seriously, and their great sense of humor led to some of the most hilarious photobombs the world has ever seen.

Celebrities – they photobomb just like us! When you have imagined an encounter with a famous celebrity, it probably involves you nervously walking up to them to ask for an autograph and a picture gingerly, but that’s not how it went for the people in this video.

But don’t blame these famous people for stealing the limelight in a funny photo, they are so used to being on camera or chased by paparazzi at this point it’s a reflex. 

In another case of celebrities being just like us, they love a good photobomb. They do it to each other on red carpets all the time. But sometimes these famous faces actually chose to bless regular people with their presence, and memorialize it with a photo.

Much like socks and sandals, influencers pizza and cheese, celebrities and photobombs are life’s most perfect pairing. And when you’re dealing with celebs like Beyoncé, Prince Harry, and Chris Hemsworth, the perfection is even more 🔥 than you could ever hope.

Photobombing, or the act of crashing someone’s photograph, is almost always funny no matter who does it! Yet when it’s a famous person who decides to pop into the background of another celebrity, things get even more interesting. Everybody loves a good candid shot of their favorite star.