Celebrities Interviewing Celebrities

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By FilMonger

Celebrity interviews are always fun to watch but what’s even better is when celebrities interview other celebs. There’s something a little extra special, more insightful, and — nine times outta 10 — way more hilarious, when non-talk show host celebs step into the role of reporter and ask their co-stars, about their lives, their experiences, and, of course, whatever project they’re promoting. 

The conversation flows smoothly, the inside jokes are legit, and the star wattage is so bright you just gotta wear shades. All in all, it is entertaining AF.

That being said, sometimes celebrity interviews conducted by fellow A-listers don’t always go so well. Check out some of the best celeb-on-celeb interviews in this video.

There was a time — and the time was not that long ago — when the idea of a celebrity being interviewed, not by a journalist, but by another celebrity was new and exciting. What, a celebrity, asking the questions, treating the celebrity being interviewed like they’re a normal person? How novel!

In a traditional interview, of course, there’s always a risk of embarrassment for a famous person. There’s always the risk that they’ll mess up the conversation so much that they’ll throw the project they’re promoting into jeopardy, risking massive losses on whatever album, film or TV show they’re plugging at the time.

They, whoever they are, say all publicity is good publicity, but they’ve probably never had to suffer through reading a transcript of a Barrymore, Diaz, Paltrow phone conversation , f they did then they might not say it anymore.