Celebrities Reveal Who They Have Been Mistaken For

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By FilMonger

There are a lot of celebrity look-alikes out there, but what happens when one star gets mistaken for another? Apparently, this happens in Hollywood more often than one might think.

Because of similar faces and hair color, there are actually a lot of celebs who’ve been mistaken for other celebs … and it’s led to a lot of awkward moments over the years

People are only human, but we can’t help but cringe to find out that so many celebrities have had to deal with these sometimes embarrassing moments.

Sarah Hyland and Mila Kunis aren’t just mistaken for each other by fans—they’ve even been misidentified by the pressTeen Vogue once misidentified Kunis as Hyland in a red carpet gallery. But the two don’t mind. They’ve even joked that they pretend to be each other in public sometimes.

There is an abundance of Chrises in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and sometimes fans can’t keep them straight. During an episode of Billy on the Street, Pratt was mistaken for Evans by a fan.

During an interview, Daniel Radcliffe talked about being mistaken for Wood. If you approach him and ask if he’s the famous hobbit, you’ll be very disappointed.

Back in 2013, Wahlberg shared a post on Facebook about a fan who thought he was Damon. The fan screamed, “MATT DAMON!” at him and he graciously took pictures with her and didn’t correct the mistake.

During another episode of Billy On the Street, Ema Stone was mistaken for Ema Watson

Isla Fisher says she’s frequently mistaken for Amy Adams—even by other celebrities. She shared a story with Jimmy Kimmel about being mistaken for the Enchanted star by Lady Gaga at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar party.