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Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber is opening up like never before! The star reflected upon his early fame and the negative effect it had on his life.

The ‘Sorry‘ singer shared a lengthy post on Instagram, where he opened up about how achieving fame at the tender age of 13, growing up in an unstable home, and having “access to whatever I wanted” led him to struggle both physically and mentally later in life.

Justin, who seemed to be at his candid best, revealed that the unmanageable “ups and downs” from being a singer caused him to start relying on “heavy drugs” by the age of 19.

The singer, who has been vocal about his mental health struggles, said that how from the time he was a teen, he was constantly reminded of how great he was, something Bieber credited to his downward spiral.

He said that the fame was also detrimental to his personal growth, as he never learned the true meaning of responsibility and was never able to develop any skills beyond his music career.

Despite the problems he faced, Bieber said he found comfort and support in a group of friends, including his wife Hailey Baldwin, who “encourage him to keep going.”

Bieber was arrested several times in 2014 with offences ranging from vandalism to driving under the influence, a charge which was later reduced to of driving without due care and attention.

Bieber took an extended break from music after cancelling the final 14 dates of his 2017 Purpose World Tour, saying: “I want my mind heart and soul to be sustainable”.