Celebrities Talking About Elizabeth Olsen

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By FilMonger

Elizabeth Olsen is best known for playing the powerful Scarlet Witch in the mega-popular Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some people may think that she sort of popped up out of nowhere as a “third Olsen.”

Some may think that Elizabeth Olsen benefited from having famous siblings, but she has made her own way in the entertainment industry. While she did consider taking sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s help, she didn’t need it.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in the sitcom Full House beginning in 1987. This was long before Elizabeth Olsen was born, but the show and her sisters’ subsequent fame would be a big influence on her childhood.

It wasn’t in the cards for Elizabeth Olsen to be a breakout child star like her sisters. As it turns out, she just preferred being a kid. She had to make a decision when an angry ballet teacher threatened to drop her for missing so many classes after she’d been going on auditions. 

Another adult figure in Elizabeth Olsen’s life would influence her to move back into the world of acting. A drama teacher at her Los Angeles high school helped her find the academic side of it.

Just as the metaphorical train was about to leave the station on Elizabeth Olsen’s acting path, there was another bump in the road. In 2004, her sister Mary-Kate Olsen entered treatment for an eating disorder.

With Scarlet Witch’s rising status in the MCU, Olsen is being thrust even further into the limelight. While success is no doubt welcome, hopefully Olsen can balance the demands of her popularity with her need for privacy.