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Mark Ruffalo

While Ruffalo and Hiddleston are clearly great buds, Hulk and Loki have a much more complicated relationship in the MCU. They started off as enemies in The Avengers. The duo then became unlikely allies in Ragnarok in order to save Asgard.

Chris Evans

Tom Hiddleston as we all know is one man with many talents and his mimicry skill are always on point and my fav celebrity impression by tom Hiddleston would be that of Chris Evans, its hilarious but Chris Evans had all good things to say about Tom when he was asked about his friendship with him.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland can’t stop praising Tom Hiddleston and explains us why Loki is considered to be the most beloved’s Villian in the superhero franchise

Elizabeth Olsen

In May 2015, reports began to circulate that Hiddleston and Olsen were dating. There was no confirmation at the time, but the couple did end up “officially going public” not long after.

In July 2015, Olsen and Hiddleston were seen hanging out in Oxford. Two days later, the pair was photographed sharing a taxi as they headed to a movie date.

Robert Downey Junior

Robert Downey jr takes pleasure in answering the journalist about a question on Tom Hiddleston. ITs hilarious to watch RDJ talk about how he saw the character Loki

Natalie Portman

After having shared the screen with both Hiddleston and Hemsworth, Natalie was once asked about her experience working with Hiddleston and her answer was sweet as sugar

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, who essays the character of Thor in MCU may share a rivalry with his on-screen brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) but did you know that the two gel pretty well behind the cameras. The duo, who met on the sets of ‘Thor’ have gone on to become real close buds. Chris and Tom have always been all praise for each other

Taylor Swift 

The romance between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston is something that shocked fans, after their 2016  met gala videos they seemed like a forever thing however, they are not together anymore and they were very private about their relationship. However, how can we stop cherishing the memories?

Priyanka Chopra 

There were rumors about Priyanka Chopra and Tom Hiddleston dating after their viral video in which they were together on a stage to present an award, however, Priyanka rubbished these rumours and said they only met once and there isn’t any romance happening in between them anytime soon

Emma Watson

It isn’t unexpected for Emma Watson and Tom to be good friends because they’re both British and talented and beautiful, but it seems like, in reality, they have a lot of mutual respect for each other. He supported her #HeForShe campaig

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan’s response on what he thought of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s relationship was hilarious since he seemed like he was trying to hold back a lot he had to say about the relationship in discussion

Benedict Cumberbatch

Not many know that English actors Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) were neighbours in the past. The two share a solid friendship and their BTS bromance is sure to give us all major BFF goals. Before coming joining the Marvel Universe, the duo had worked together in 2011 film ‘War House’ and that’s where the seeds of their friendship were sowed first.

Chris Pratt

This hilarious video of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland will forever remain my fav since so funny to watch Tom Holland’s face when Chris choses Tom Hiddleston as his fav marvel actor over tom holland in front of him.