Celebrities Unbelievable Look A-likes On Social Media

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By FilMonger

We all likely have a doppelgänger in the world somewhere. And that’s not limited to just everyday people who are running into their look-alikes. Celebrities do, too. But before we jump into those video, here is a quick question..True or false did Taylor Swift meet her look alike Olivia?

Think your favorite celebrity is one in a million? Well, we hate to break it to you, but that’s probably not the case. TCE is taking a peek at some of our favorite stars and their famous doppelgängers

Finding celebrity dopplegängers via social media may have become a trend in itself, There are some famous faces just so similar to each other you’d be forgiven if you thought they were related.

For example, remember that time where you watched a new movie trailer and caught yourself thinking, ‘Wait, has Katy Perry moved into acting now?’, only to later realise that you were actually watching Zooey Deschanel? We’ve all done it.

Well there are even more celebrity lookalikes than you think, we’ve discovered and judging from previous interviews and social media comments, the A-Listers are very aware of it too.

Forget about doing a double take! These unbelievable celebrity doppelgängers will have you checking three times! Look through the craziest celeb lookalikes and cast your vote to see if others agree with your opinion on whether or not the pairs look alike.

Turns out Hollywood is full of celebrity doppelgängers, and some are extremely convincing. I’d even go as far to say that some are…alarmingly convincing. 

Kay fine, lemme present another scenario: You make it all the way to the end of Sex Education on Netflix only to realize that the show didn’t star Margot Robbie; instead it starred her literal twin Emma Mackey. Truthfully, I’m still not over it.