Celebrities Who Were Attacked By Fans

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By FilMonger

Fans are undoubtedly what keep celebrities going. In every acceptance speech and every interview, our favorite artists and stars are always sure to thank their fans for getting them where they are.

Fandoms like Beyonce‘s Beyhive or BTS‘ ARMY ride hard for their idols. They show up at every event, defend them from haters online and do everything humanly possible to support their faves. (PS: You can find out more about the BTS Army here!)

However, sometimes fans can take things too far. There are always a few who turn their support into an obsession. And sometimes that obsession rears its head in problematic ways.

Below, check out a list of celebrities who have had scary encounters with overly intense — and some, downright handsy — fans.

Celebs know that when they become famous, part of being in the spotlight is having your every move followed. It comes with the territory that public figures suddenly become interesting and even their most basic errands, like running to Starbucks or the grocery store, become news stories. 

The downside of that closeness to their fans comes at a terrifying price: when the admirer crosses the line from fan to stalker. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to find out where you can catch a glimpse of your favorite star in the flesh.

 Great for those of us looking for a quick selfie, but not so great for those creepers looking to camp outside someone’s house.