Cher Accused of Hiring Kidnappers to Take Son Elijah Blue Allman

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By Black Widow

Court documents have recently come to light, alleging that legendary singer Cher hired men to kidnap her son, Elijah Blue Allman, during their divorce proceedings. These accusations, filed by Allman’s estranged wife, Marie King, have added a new layer of complexity to their ongoing divorce case.

In the court documents filed on December 5, 2022, Marie King, known professionally as Queenie, made a startling claim. She alleged that Cher, at the age of 77, orchestrated the kidnapping of her son, Elijah Blue Allman, aged 47, by hiring four men to remove him from their New York hotel room on November 30, 2022, which also happened to be their wedding anniversary. King’s primary concern was her son’s well-being, as they were attempting to reconcile their marriage.

King revealed that, at the time of the incident, she and Elijah had spent 12 days working on their marriage, from November 18 to November 30, in New York. This information sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the alleged kidnapping, suggesting that it occurred during a critical phase in their relationship.

One of the most shocking aspects of these allegations is King’s assertion that one of the men involved in taking Elijah away confirmed that Cher had hired them. This claim could be pivotal in the legal battle and adds an element of intrigue to the unfolding situation.

Marie King expressed deep concern for her husband’s well-being in the court documents, stating that she was unaware of his whereabouts and condition following the incident. She made it clear that she supports any efforts by Elijah’s family to ensure his well-being, emphasizing that her primary concern is his health and safety.

Additional Claims

In the same set of documents, King revealed another concerning incident involving Cher. She alleged that Cher asked her to leave her shared home with Elijah without allowing her to retrieve her belongings. This request reportedly occurred in August 2022 when Elijah required medical care at an undisclosed facility.

As of now, Cher has not issued an official response to these allegations. Representatives for Cher have not yet commented on the situation, leaving the public and media to speculate about the truth behind these claims.

A Complex Mother-Son Relationship

Elijah Blue Allman is Cher’s second son, born in 1976 during her marriage to the late Greg Allman of The Allman Brothers Band. Despite periods of estrangement and a complicated history, both Cher and her son have acknowledged their challenging relationship over the years.


The shocking allegations of Cher’s involvement in her son’s kidnapping have added a new layer of complexity to her ongoing divorce proceedings with Marie King. As the legal battle unfolds, the public awaits Cher’s response and hopes for clarity in this perplexing situation.