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Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are two extremely famous Hollywood heartthrobs best known for their performances as Thor and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The duo was banned from doing interviews together..That might sound a little extreme but Hemsworth alluded to the fact Marvel stopped allowing Hemsworth and Evans to do interviews together on press tours after realizing that they couldn’t focus when in the same room.

If you’ve watched some of the interviews they have done, you’ll notice that neither of them can keep a straight face for very long. Hemsworth jokingly commented that he thinks they stopped putting them together because they would screw around and none of it would be on the topic at hand.

It’s very apparent that Thor and Captain America are extremely fond of each other. Funnily enough, the two don’t have as many scenes together in the movies as one might think, but the two still managed to bond during their many years working in the same franchise together.

During an interview, Chris Evans playfully joked with Hemsworth about being awarded the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title from People magazine. He claimed that he had been offered the award first but then turned it down.

In one of the interviews, Hemsworth Offered To Let Evans Lift The Prop Hammer. Of course, this interview was quite a while ago so we know that Evans did eventually get to keep some of the props, but it was sweet to see Hemsworth offer to share his hammer “if you can lift it.” He joked. The joke becomes even funnier given how things turned out in Avengers: Endgame when Cap did indeed lift Thor’s hammer.

As two of the biggest actors in Hollywood, somehow both grown men manage to be utterly adorable around each other. Fans think it’s incredibly cute whenever Chris Evans calls Chris Hemsworth by his nickname, “Hemmy.”

In perhaps one of the most famous interviews involving Hemsworth and Evans, the two get to eat a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos since there is a popular joke on the internet that Evans’ body is shaped similarly to the popular chip.

There are tons of photos and video clips of Hemsworth and Evans hugging, it would take forever to scour the internet for every single one. But if you’re really inclined, you can simply google the two together on Google images and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Evans was once asked who he thought the most good-looking Avenger was. Some of his other castmates said Scarlett Johansson but Chris Evans immediately blurted out, “Chris Hemsworth!”