Chris Evans “Excitedly” Looks Forward to Starting a Family With Wife Alba Baptista

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By Black Widow

Chris Evans, renowned for his portrayal of Captain America in the Avengers franchise, is brimming with excitement about his future family with his wife, Alba Baptista. A source close to the couple revealed, “Chris has been in love with Alba for a while. They share a special connection and are so happy to be husband and wife. Chris is in a really great place in his life. He felt happy with his career and was ready to settle down. He’s thrilled about this new chapter and is so excited to have a family with Alba one day.”

A Private and Romantic Ceremony

The lovebirds officially tied the knot on September 9 in a beautifully intimate ceremony held at a private estate in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Their nuptials were characterized by a low-key ambiance and an emphasis on privacy, with guests being asked to sign non-disclosure agreements and surrender their phones during the event.

Adding a touch of Hollywood magic to their special day, several of Chris Evans’ Avengers co-stars, including Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, and Chris Hemsworth, were present to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Chris Evans

A Blossoming Romance

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s romance was officially confirmed in November of the previous year. Interestingly, this revelation came shortly after crowned Chris as the “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2022. According to an inside source, the couple had already been deeply committed to each other for over a year.

“Their love is profound, and their relationship is solid,” the source shared. “Chris has never experienced such happiness before. His family and friends wholeheartedly adore Alba.”

Alba Baptista, who hails from Portugal, is recognized for her role in the Netflix series “Warrior Nun,” which marked her English-language debut. Beyond English and her native Portuguese, Alba is multilingual, boasting fluency in Spanish, French, and German.

Anticipating a Bright Future

As Chris Evans and Alba Baptista embark on their married life together, their shared aspirations include starting a family and embracing the joys of parenthood in the future. The couple’s commitment to one another and their dreams for a family exemplify the excitement and love that permeate this new chapter in their lives.

With their strong connection, heartfelt love, and supportive network of friends and family, Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s journey promises to be filled with happiness, warmth, and the prospect of a beautiful family in the making.