Colin Woodell Shares New Details of the Upcoming John Wick Prequel “The Continental”

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By Black Widow

Colin Woodell, star of the anticipated series The Continental, has provided tantalizing hints about the upcoming John Wick spinoff.

As fans eagerly await the miniseries, Woodell sheds light on the focus of the show and the intriguing partnership that will take center stage.

Exploring Winston and Charon:

The Continental will delve into the origins of Winston and Charon, portrayed by Lance Reddick in the films and Ayomide Adegun in the series.

Director Albert Hughes shared that the miniseries will unravel their unique partnership, drawing parallels to iconic pairings like 48 Hours and The Defiant Ones.

Audiences will witness how these two enigmatic characters evolved and formed their unusual alliance.

The Concept of The Continental:

Set within the John Wick universe, The Continental serves as a prequel that charts Winston Scott’s journey to becoming the proprietor of the titular hotel.

Executive producer Basil Iwanyk conceptualized the series in response to fans’ deep interest in the expansive world of John Wick. Alongside the Ana de Armas-led film Ballerina, the miniseries aims to expand and enrich the franchise’s narrative.

Navigating Controversy:

While The Continental has generated excitement, it hasn’t been without controversy.

The casting of Mel Gibson as the antagonist, Cormac, sparked debates due to his past legal issues and controversial statements.

However, Iwanyk and co-EP Allen Hughes defended their choice, highlighting Gibson’s ability to bring a distinct gravitas to the role based on his prior experiences.

Premiere Date:

Fans won’t have to wait much longer to experience The Continental. The series is set to premiere on Peacock on September 22, promising an immersive exploration of the John Wick universe and a fresh perspective on beloved characters.

With Colin Woodell’s insights providing a glimpse into the upcoming The Continental, anticipation is building for this John Wick spinoff.

As fans prepare to dive into the origins of Winston and Charon, the series promises to deliver a captivating blend of character development, partnerships, and the signature action that defines the John Wick franchise.