DC Universe’s ‘Swamp Thing’ Is Coming To The Content-Starved CW

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By FilMonger

While Netflix has enough series to keep debuting 2-3 new shows a weekend even in the middle of a global pandemic, more traditional TV networks are starting to struggle. One of those would be The CW, which is about to see its slate of superhero TV shows in the Arrowverse come to an end in the next couple weeks with…almost nothing to replace them.

That’s why The CW has struck several deals to “adopt” a number of other series for the foreseeable future, including one high profile DC show, Swamp Thing.

Now, before Swamp Thing fans get too excited about this news, no, The CW is not saving the cancelled DC Universe show, only broadcasting the first season that already exists.

Swamp Thing is a strange case where despite solid reviews and an immediate fanbase, it didn’t get enough viewership to be picked up for a second season by DC Universe, even when the likes of Titans and Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn all did.

The result is a 10 episode “one and done” season that does not end particularly cleanly, and fans have been hoping there is some way to save it.

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