Devon Sawa Speaks Up About His “Unpaid” Cameo in “Final Destination 5” – Shows Support towards SGA Strike

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By Doctor Doom

Devon Sawa, known for his roles in movies like” Final Destination” and” Idle Hands,” lately revealed that he did not receive any payment for his cameo appearance in” Final Destination 5.” The actor made this disclosure in support of the Screen Actors Council ( SAG) strike, shedding light on the issue of fair compensation for actors in the industry.

In” Final Destination 5,” Sawa made a surprise appearance, reprising his character from the original film. Despite the excitement this brought to fans, he disclosed that he did not receive any financial compensation for his contribution. This revelation has sparked discussions about the treatment of actors and the need for better compensation practices.


The Screen Actors Council is a labor union representing actors and performers in the entertainment industry. They advocate for fair stipends, better working conditions, and protection of actors’ rights. Sawa’s decision to stand in solidarity with the SAG strike underscores the significance of valuing the work and contributions of actors, no matter the scale of their roles.

The issue of fair compensation has been a long-standing concern in the entertainment world. numerous actors, especially those in lower places or cameos, may face challenges in receiving applicable payment for their work. SAG’s efforts to negotiate fair contracts and compensation have gained significant support from within the industry.

Devon Sawa’s disclosure has drawn attention to the need for reform and better treatment of actors across the board. As conversations continue and accommodations progress, the hope is that fair compensation practices will become the norm, ensuring that all actors are appropriately recognized and rewarded for their talent and contributions to the entertainment industry.