Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” Considered “Fit” for Families, Rated PG-13

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By Black Widow

Disney’s latest film adaptation, “Haunted Mansion,” based on the iconic theme park ride, brings a mix of scares and emotions to the big screen.

Directed by Justin Simien, this PG-13 film offers a thrilling experience that may not be suitable for very young children. Before deciding to watch it as a family, here’s what parents should know about the movie.

Themes of Death and Grief Explored

As expected from a ghost story, “Haunted Mansion” delves into themes of death and grief.

The plot follows LaKeith Stanfield’s character, Ben, as he copes with the loss of his wife, played by Charity Jordan, who died in a car crash. Additionally, 9-year-old Travis (Chase Dillon) misses his late father, which becomes a significant aspect of the storyline.

Balancing Humor and Horror

Director Justin Simien masterfully balances the film’s comedic and horror elements, mirroring the original ride’s mix of funny and scary elements.

While the movie has spooky moments, they are usually followed by comedic relief, making it less intense than a typical horror film. Audiences can expect to encounter spooky ghost effects, suspenseful haunted-house scenes, and some brief implied violence.

Children in Peril with Happy Endings

The film features a few instances where the only child character, Travis, is in peril, but rest assured, no harm ultimately comes to him. The movie’s finale sees Travis lured by the evil Hatbox ghost, but the adults come to his rescue.

Age Appropriateness and Parental Guidance

Due to its PG-13 rating, “Haunted Mansion” may not be suitable for very young children. Parents should consider the emotional themes and spooky elements when deciding whether it’s appropriate for their kids.

Ultimately, “Haunted Mansion” pays homage to the beloved Disney ride while delivering a mix of laughs and frights. For older children and families seeking a thrilling experience, the film promises an entertaining adventure.

“Haunted Mansion” opens in theaters on Friday, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in its eerie and heartfelt world.