Dune Cast Funny Moments | Timothee Chalamet | Zendaya | Jason Momoa

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By FilMonger

The sci-fi epic is already being hailed as a masterpiece a stunning sci-fi spectacle which retells the story of Frank Herbert’s classic novel. But with a talented array of A-listers, it can be tough to keep track of the Dune cast.

Young Paul is heir to the family throne and a very special boy. After years of training with his father’s military, Paul is a dab hand with a blade. Not to mention, he has a very special ability known as ‘the voice’ – a mystical skill which allows him to bend others to his will.

Chalamet brings a perfectly understated performance to play – bearing the weight of responsibility as he finds out his destiny has long been mapped out. 

Zendaya plays Chani with an air of irreverence, remaining mysterious and aloof inside Paul’s dream sequences, while bringing a rugged honesty to her performance as the real Chani.

Jason makes the role his own in every possible way.Duncan was originally more of a blank slate, but Jason adds bucketloads of charm and charisma, turning Idaho into a swashbuckling hero for Paul to look up to.

Bautista isn’t seen much in Dune part one. His presence is mostly felt during flashbacks  but despite minimal screen time, you get enough of a sense that he’s not one to cross.

Oscar Isaac is brilliant as always – playing a noble peacekeeper who would rather break an alliance with the locals than conquer them. But beneath the stoic dignity lies a burdened man who knows all too well that this is a trap.

Fergusson (Furguhsn) takes the role of Lady Jessica to new heights – pushing Paul to grow as part of his schooling, while also caring for him as his mother.