Euphoria Cast Zendaya and Hunter Schafer Being Best Friends

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“Euphoria” is narrated by Zendaya’s character, Rue, and centers on the teen’s struggle with addiction. Her instant connection and crush on Jules, a newcomer to the neighborhood, is a major part of the series. 

Schafer shared a silly selfie with Zendaya that was taken while filming season 1, episode 4. The actress also posted additional photos and videos taken behind the scenes of the episode. 

Schafer described working with Zendaya as an ‘extensive’ and ‘intimate’ process. Schafer shared behind-the-scenes photos of her and Zendaya, taken while filming Jules’ special episode of ‘Euphoria’

The Jules-centric bridge episode of “Euphoria,” set between the events of season one and season two, was cowritten by Schafer and Levinson. 

Actor Tom Holland had a particularly tough time on the set of Sony’s Uncharted live-action film, going so far as to say that filming Uncharted “absolutely broke” him.

In an interview with GQ (via GameSpot), Holland discussed the physical and mental toll that filming stunt-heavy projects like Uncharted and Marvel films have taken on him over the years.

Holland had an incredibly brief three days between filming Uncharted in Berlin and moving on to Spider-Man: No Way Home in Atlanta. 

Holland also touched on the physical exhaustion he felt during the press tour for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Holland traveled to 17 countries, performing backflips on request and eventually becoming ill enough that he vomited backstage immediately after a press conference.