Fans are Calling Out a Marvel Superhero Who’s Actually A Skrull

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By Scarlet Witch

The new Marvel series, Secret Invasion is streaming on Disney + and fans are learning new things about MCU such as the Skrull. Two episodes of the show are out, and fans are calling out a Marvel superhero who could actually be a Skrull.

In the first episode, the fans learn that one of the major characters is actually a Skrull who was posing as this person, not clearly mentioned the name here as some fans can get spoilers. After this, we also lose another major figure looking at Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), even though it was the villainous Skrull, Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir).

Which character can be a Skrull?

Fans are Calling Out a Marvel Superhero Who's Actually A Skrull

In the series Secret Invasion, a lot of secrets open and one of them is of the Skrull. Now the fans have a theory after watching just two episodes of the series. There is a line in episode two of Secret Invasion that creates speculation on who could be a Skrull hiding between the people. When Gravik meets the Skrull Council Meeting privately, he asked what he will do if the Avengers were to return. And Gravik confidently replies:
You don’t think I thought about that?

This line holds significance as it suggested a backup plan. There are chances that the Skrull has been embedded in a position of power, and someone who Granik can rely on if the Calvary appears. Or perhaps someone who just fired Nick Fury during one of the most dramatic scenes of this show by far. Yes, you guessed it right Marvel fans are wondering if James “Rhodey” Rhodes is a Skrull who is hiding in plain sight.