Female Celebrities Being Thirsted Over By Tom Hiddleston

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By FilMonger

Tom Hiddleston can be pronounced as perfection, elegance, and eloquence. The alter ego of on-screen Loki is just too good to be real. His impeccable appearance and humble nature make him look like someone who has landed directly from the world of fairy-tale.

Let’s get it straight, we were drooling over him from the very moment we saw him in Thor. But, we truly fall for him when he made us cry for Loki. He made Loki more than just a monster, he made him a lovable human.

The boyfriend of the internet is friend with another boyfriend of the internet, Benedict Cumberbatch. & when Hiddle-Batch came together for an interview, we lost all the little control we had in our hearts.

Tom Hiddleston comes with a natural quality of looking good every time, doesn’t matter if he is talking, dancing, or simply walking on the road.

Tom Hiddleston sells it big time. He is articulate, delivering lines like machine gun bullets and has a real range of mannerisms and faces to deliver those lines with devastating effect. He is the perfect actor to play Loki because he is both charming and handsome. 

He also has the English villain thing going for him so he comes across as classy even when he is being nasty and mean. Still his best characteristic is that he is smug and that is the characteristic that defines Loki perfectly.

Hiddleston is just good at fleshing out characters. You only need to see his past performances to see just how good he really is.