Five Reasons To Fall In Love With Chris Evans

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5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Chris Evans

His Long Lashes

They’re so long and pretty. They cast lovely shadow over his cheekbones and they make you wonder: “How are they even real?” They’re at least two inches of perfection. How do eyelashes like that exist?

Clearly, Evans is blessed by the eyelash gods.

2. His acting.

He’s wonderfully versatile, but to be more specific, I adore the way he plays Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. Evans really gets Rogers’ morality but also his complexity. He knows what Steve is all about and understands what he fights for, as well as why he fights for it. 

3. His candidness.

He’s so wonderfully open about dealing with anxiety. He doesn’t shy away from detailing his anxiety and his struggles with it. He doesn’t have to be so candid, but I know how helpful it can be for someone to hear about another person battling with the same disorder, especially a well-established actor.

4. His laugh.

His laugh is so wonderfully boisterous and all-encompassing. You almost want to laugh with him (and, most of the time, you do!). It’s just so majestic to watch; his whole body is thrown into it. It’s so charming.

5. His love for his family.

You can tell he loves his family by the way he talks about them, as well as their endless red carpet appearances with him. This is the same guy who excitedly told his mom that he lost his virginity right after he lost it.

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