Hailee Steinfeld Funny Moments

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By FilMonger

Her cousin was doing commercials at the time, and Steinfeld recalled watching the ad on TV, then running to her parents and telling them she wanted to do the same thing.

As a compromise, Steinfeld was told that if she took acting classes for a year and stuck with it, she would be allowed to pursue it. 

Steinfeld’s older brother played football for six years, and the actress was a cheerleader for his team during that time. 

Steinfeld beat out more than 15,000 girls for her Oscar-nominated role in “True Grit.” The filmmakers searched for the ideal actress through open casting calls in several cities across the US, They discovered Steinfeld at the California audition.

Her performance as the sassy young girl Mattie Ross delighted viewers and she earned an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress at age 14. 

In interviews, Steinfeld explained that she tries to eat a cheeseburger in every place she visits. She also doesn’t get an excessive amount of toppings. Instead, Steinfeld is satisfied with meat, cheese, and the bread bun

Steinfeld’s mom was an interior designer, her dad was a personal fitness trainer, and her brother is a Nascar driver. She said that her family has kept her grounded throughout her career.