Harrison Ford Talks About Red Hulk

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By Aquaman

Harrison Ford in a recent interview with Comicbook.com has claimed that he has no idea if the Red Hulk will show up in “Captain America: Brave New World.”

Harrison Ford’s Hilarious Take On Red Hulk

Harrison Ford's Hilarious Take On Red Hulk

Harrison Ford, a seasoned actor, is known for offering succinct but honest responses in interviews, and he continued in that vein here. When asked if the actor was portraying Red Hulk in Marvel’s Captain America: Brave New World, he responded in an amusing way, “What is Red Hulk?

In The Incredible Hulk (2008), Ross makes his MCU acting debut as a general on the hunt for Bruce Banner. Ross is now Secretary of State by the time Captain America: Civil War (2016) comes out.

Red Hulk

In the comics, Ross ultimately gains the ability to change into a Hulk-like character who is red, giving him the simple but fitting nickname Red Hulk. Ross, played by Hurt, did not, however, turn into the Red Hulk on camera.

A few weeks ago, Ross’ metamorphosis into Captain America was speculated about after a set shot from Captain America appeared online and appeared to depict Ford with torn jeans.

The Red Hulk Talks

Jamie Jirak of Comicbook.com poses the last question to Ford: “Might we be seeing Mr. Ford as the Red Hulk?”

Ford asks, with a straight face and a pause, “What’s a Red Hulk?”

Red Hulk “may or may not” feature in the newest Captain America movie, the 80-year-old actor continues.

Make your own determination: Is Ford truly ignorant of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or is he faking it?

And stay to the very end for a Han Solo nod.