Henry Cavill Being Thirsted Over By Female Celebrities

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By FilMonger

It’s really not fair that people like Zac Efron, Michael B Jordan and Henry Cavill exist. I’m here struggling to catch the eye of a girl who I’m on a date with, and people like those three are having people thirst over them for just living their lives.

Seriously, Henry Cavill just did one of the nerdiest things a man or woman can do, in that he built a customised gaming PC from scratch, and people are going mad for it.

From being the highest grossing Superman ever, to being an A-list choice for this generation’s spy films, this Man of Steel is totally the man of our dreams. There are far too many reasons why we love this flawlessly beautiful human being.

It’s super hard not to crush on the Superman actor, Henry Cavill. The actor is the full package with his irresistible good looks, sculpted bod, and a down-to-earth personality to boot. And just when you thought you couldn’t love him anymore, we present to you the times Henry Cavill was thrusted over by female celebrities.

There’s a reason the actor was cast as Superman: he’s just that good looking. Whether he’s clean-shaven or rocking a beard, the actor always looks good. And don’t even get us started on that chiseled jaw or those blue eyes.

It was so sweet when the actor took time out of his busy life to promote Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movie. But honestly, can you notice the DVD when you’ve got Henry in a tank top?

Cavill, who was engaged back in 2011, has found himself in a handful of relationships that have simply not worked out for him! Despite finally meeting someone in 2017 that fans thought would be “the one”, it appeared things still didn’t work out for Henry rendering him as one of Hollywood’s biggest bachelors with one the best mustaches.

Not only did he secure a spot in the DC Universe, but he got to play roles in “Justice League” While his career has certainly been keeping him busy, his love life is what has truly been keeping him on his toes!