Here Are 3 Songs By Robert Downey Jr. You Didn’t Know About

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By Black Widow

Robert Downey Jr., widely known for his iconic portrayal of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is not only a talented actor but also a gifted musician. While his musical abilities have been showcased in various film roles, many are unaware that Downey Jr. has also written original songs. His songwriting talents can be found within the soundtracks of his films, as well as in his solo album, “The Futurist” (2004).

Let’s explore the three songs written by RDJ that highlight his versatility as a songwriter.


Wouldn’t claim it felt unfair
An asylum in my house
I could not escape his mouth
I could not escape it

For the moment I believe
As my hands adjust your hair
Let my cover blow
I was never real in there

The song “5:30” reflects Downey Jr.’s personal experiences and emotions. While the lyrics convey a somewhat melancholic tone, the music itself is jaunty and jazz-inspired, creating an intriguing contrast. Downey Jr.’s introspective approach to songwriting shines through, as he embraces his ability to convey his own reality through music.


Love in these modern times
There’ll be someone new every night
With some other love yarn
To wrap my arms around
No one else can understand

“Broken” is a heartfelt ballad believed to be written about Downey Jr.’s former spouse, Deborah Falconer. The song explores the complexities of love and portrays Downey Jr. as someone who recognizes his own shortcomings in relationships. Rather than shifting blame, he takes responsibility for his flaws, showcasing his authenticity as both a person and a songwriter.

“The Futurist”:

They’ll take the walk
We’ll save the world
Sounds like October
A futurist nose
Our furious, curious, fantasist code

Gimme your body
Won’tcha give me your sweet soul
Love when you take over
I love when you take control

As the title track of his solo album, “The Futurist” showcases Downey Jr.’s exceptional vocal performance. The song is a passionate ode to romantic devotion, with lyrics expressing a desire for a lifelong connection. Downey Jr.’s vocals are rich and expressive, captivating listeners with his sincerity and optimism for the future.

Beyond his celebrated acting career, Robert Downey Jr. has demonstrated his hidden talents as a songwriter. His songs, including “5:30,” “Broken,” and “The Futurist,” offer glimpses into his personal experiences, introspection, and romantic aspirations. By showcasing his vulnerabilities and embracing his faults, Downey Jr. proves himself to be an authentic and multifaceted artist. These hidden gems further solidify his position as a true musician, not just an actor who dabbles in music, and showcase the depth of his artistic abilities.