“I know it’s soon” – John Cena Might Be Approaching His “Final” WWE Match Soon, Eyes Retirement

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By Bruce Wayne

After dominating WWE for years and transitioning into Hollywood, John Cena suggests that the end of his professional wrestling career may be on the horizon.

Cena’s Shift from WWE to Hollywood

John Cena, a longtime superstar in WWE, has been gradually shifting his focus towards his acting career. This transition has led to reduced appearances on WWE television, signaling a potential end to his wrestling career.

Cena’s Recent WWE Involvement

While Cena’s WWE appearances have become less frequent, he recently served as the guest host of WWE’s Payback live event. Furthermore, he is expected to remain on WWE SmackDown throughout September and October.

Cena Acknowledges the Inevitable

In a conversation with WWE Digital after his Payback appearance, Cena candidly admitted that his wrestling days are numbered. He emphasized that every opportunity to perform in the ring has become increasingly special. Cena, at 46 years old, recognizes that he’s approaching the end of his wrestling journey, which has spanned over two decades.

Cena’s Perspective on the Future

Cena expressed his gratitude for the WWE Universe’s warm welcome and their continued support over the past few years. He highlighted the significance of focusing on the present and cherishing every moment in the ring. While acknowledging the repetitiveness of his famous catchphrase, “Never give up,” Cena never tires of expressing his gratitude to the fans who have made his career special.

Hollywood’s Growing Influence

Cena’s limited WWE appearances are attributed to his burgeoning acting career, which has become increasingly busy. He has lent his voice to characters in animated films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem and played a role in the record-breaking movie Barbie. Additionally, his comedy sequel Vacation Friends 2 recently debuted on Hulu.

For the time being, fans can continue to watch John Cena on WWE SmackDown, where he remains an integral part of the wrestling world, even as he explores new horizons in Hollywood.