“I love you”: Goldie Hawn Wishes Son, Oliver Hudson With a Heartfelt Post

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By Black Widow

Goldie Hawn, the iconic actress, celebrated the 47th birthday of her son Oliver Hudson with a touching Instagram post. In the post, she shared a heartwarming photo of the two of them on a boat, looking out at the horizon, with Oliver’s arm affectionately wrapped around her. The Oscar-winning actress captioned the post with a message expressing her love for her son, saying, “When your birthday boy puts his arm around you, all is right with the world. Happy birthday my beautiful son @theoliverhudson I love you ❤️.”

A Close-Knit Family Celebration

Oliver Hudson’s sister, Kate Hudson, has not yet posted a birthday tribute for her brother this year. However, she did share a heartfelt birthday message for him last year, celebrating the incredible man he is. She expressed her love for her brother and called for a big birthday celebration in his honor.

Oliver Hudson’s Self-Deprecating Birthday Tribute

Last year, Oliver Hudson also had a bit of fun celebrating his own birthday. In a humorous Instagram video, he spoke about himself in the third person and playfully praised himself. He touched on various aspects of his personality, including his sense of humor, talent, and good looks, all in good fun.

A Family of Talented Individuals

Goldie Hawn and her second ex-husband, Bill Hudson, are the parents of Oliver Hudson and his sister, Kate Hudson. Goldie’s long-time partner, Kurt Russell, is also a significant figure in their family. Kurt and Goldie are the parents of Wyatt Russell. Oliver Hudson is married to Erinn Bartlett, and the couple has three children together: sons Wilder and Bodhi, and daughter Rio.

Life at Home with Goldie and Kurt

The Hudson family lived with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell while their house was undergoing renovations in the previous year. In February 2022, they moved back into their own home just before the Super Bowl, as Oliver Hudson shared in an interview.

Reflecting on their time together, Oliver humorously mentioned that he would miss his mother’s cooking the most. He praised Goldie for her culinary skills, noting that breakfast at her house was like being at a cozy bed and breakfast, in contrast to his usual rushed mornings.

A Heartfelt Celebration

Goldie Hawn’s birthday message to Oliver Hudson is a testament to the close bond they share as mother and son. It’s clear that the Hudson family values their time together and the special moments they create, both big and small. Oliver’s unique and self-deprecating way of celebrating himself adds a touch of humor and authenticity to their family dynamic.

The Hudson family’s birthday celebrations are a reminder of the importance of cherishing family bonds and making the most of every moment. Goldie Hawn’s sweet message to her son and Oliver Hudson’s lighthearted self-tribute showcase the love and laughter that are at the heart of their family gatherings.