Iron Man Behind The Scenes And Complete Making

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For some Marvel fans, the Iron Man series feels like it happened a lifetime ago. Tony Stark has gone nowhere, of course, but his appearances have been in the Avengers movies and in the outings of other characters, such as Captain America: Civil War or Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The Iron Man trilogy wrapped up five years ago and there have been no plans for another solo movie for the character since that time.

Tony Stark’s own private adventures might have come to a close, but his story continues to be told on screen through the larger world of the MCU.

Iron Man Behind The Scenes

By the time the movies are completed, fans are allowed to see them as the big budget spectacle they are meant to be, without having the illusion destroyed as to how things might have looked on set, before any small part of the scene was touched by CGI.

On any given day shooting these movies, they look very different and require a whole lot of faith in the filmmakers as to what the finished product will look like.

These behind-the-scenes images completely change perception of the Iron Man movies. Some of them are ten years old and still show just how impressive modern technology must be to transform these scenes into the iconic moments that fans have come to love.

In fact, all of the sequences inside Tony’s house required a lot of green screen enhancement, but the destruction of the home especially called for quite a bit of FX work.

There is some practical rubble on the set, though, as many of these sequences are a combination of on-set effects and digital enhancement in post-production.

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