Jacob Batalon And Tom Holland Bromance

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By FilMonger

Spider-Man costars Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon are best friends onscreen and off.

In the new issue of PEOPLE, the actors, both 25, open up about fame, family and friendship ahead of the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home (in theaters Friday).

After Holland and Batalon were cast, respectively, as undercover superhero Peter Parker and his nerdy pal Ned Leeds in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, director Jon Watts “assigned us the task of becoming best friends, which happened very easily,” Holland recalls.

Adds Batalon: “We immediately hit it off.”

Indeed, life imitated art, and the costars quickly became close confidants in real life.

“Jacob ended up moving in with me when we filmed the first movie,” Holland says of being roommates with Batalon in Atlanta. “I have a scrapbook of Polaroids of us just living in that house and what we got up to. God forbid that scrapbook ever gets out!”

Holland and Batalon rose to fame together and say the experience connected them them — as well as Zendaya, Holland’s girlfriend both offscreen and in the movies — for life.

“Because we went through all of it together, it really bonded us,” Batalon says.