James Gunn Reveals DC Studios’ New Movie Canon Starting Point

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By Black Widow

DC Studios co-lead James Gunn recently addressed the confusion surrounding the starting point of the new DCU canon on Instagram.

With his upcoming movie Superman: Legacy, Gunn confirmed that the new DCU timeline commences with this film. This means any DCU project premiering before Superman: Legacy will not be considered part of the new canon.

Implications for Blue Beetle and Other Projects

James Gunn’s clarification has left fans pondering the status of upcoming projects like Blue Beetle, which was previously suggested to be part of the wider DCU.

As it is set to release before Superman: Legacy, there are questions about whether it will be considered canon in the new timeline. If not, characters and plotlines from Blue Beetle might be altered or disregarded in future appearances.

The Timeline’s Beginnings

While Superman: Legacy will be the first DCU canon film, the timeline technically starts with the animated series Creature Commandos and the Max series Waller.

This creates some confusion as to which characters and events from previous appearances will be retained or modified in the new DCU.

The Future of Recasting and Continuity

Gunn’s decision to recast Superman and Batman for the new timeline raises questions about the continuity of characters like Amanda Waller and Peacemaker, who will remain unchanged.

Their previous appearances in the DCEU are likely to be reevaluated in light of the new DCU canon.

While the new starting point brings clarity to the DCU timeline, fans are curious about how this may impact future projects and the continuity of characters. Superman: Legacy is set to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.

The article discusses James Gunn’s clarification on the starting point of the new DCU canon, addressing fans’ confusion about the continuity of upcoming projects. The focus is on Superman: Legacy and its implications for other films and character portrayals in the new timeline.