Jenna Ortega Says Wednesday Season 2 Will Introduce “Craziest” Addams Family Member

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Jenna Ortega teases the “craziest” Addams Family member yet to be introduced in Wednesday season 2. Fans are excited to see who it could be!

The anticipation for the release of Wednesday season 2 is mounting, with fans eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite characters and the continuation of the captivating storyline. Despite the lack of official information on the release date, discussions about the upcoming season have taken the internet by storm.

This article explores the enthusiasm surrounding the show and delves into the theories and speculations shared by both fans and the cast regarding potential newcomers in Wednesday season 2.

Fans’ Excitement Builds

The fervor surrounding Wednesday season 2 has reached unprecedented levels. With numerous Emmy nominations and a surge in popularity, it comes as no surprise that fans are eagerly anticipating more of the show. The enthusiastic reception and online discussions reflect the deep connection viewers have formed with the series and their desire to witness its evolution.

The Cast’s Anticipation

Jenna Ortega Says Wednesday Season 2 Will Introduce "Craziest" Addams Family Member

The cast of Wednesday is equally excited about what lies ahead for their characters and the overall storyline. Each cast member has their own theories and insights regarding Wednesday season 2. The burning question that occupies their minds is the potential arrival of new characters.

Addams Family Members in the Mix

During Netflix’s Tudum: A Global Fan Event, Jenna Ortega, Joy Sunday, Emma Myers, and Hunter Doohan shared their thoughts on potential newcomers in Wednesday season 2. One prevalent theory, confirmed by the cast, suggests the introduction of a character from the Addams Family. Interestingly, the cast members are unsure of the exact character but have their own ideas.

Cousin Itt: A Wild Idea

Jenna Ortega, known for her role as Wednesday Addams, proposes the inclusion of Cousin Itt in the upcoming season. Cousin Itt, recognized for his iconic appearance featuring a massive hairpiece, would undoubtedly add a distinctive touch to the show. However, the extraordinary challenge faced by the hair and makeup department in bringing this character to life cannot be ignored.

Exploring Grandmama’s Potential

Joy Sunday and Hunter Doohan put forth the idea of introducing Grandmama in Wednesday season 2. This character holds significant potential for expanding the Addams Family’s backstory, providing an opportunity to delve into her origin story or playfully jest about the ambiguity surrounding her maternal lineage. With her eccentricity, Grandmama would seamlessly blend into the show’s unique universe.

Other Possibilities and Conclusions

While Cousin Itt and Grandmama have emerged as prominent suggestions, there are other members of the Addams Family yet to make an appearance. Characters like Baby Pubert Addams, although less likely to be introduced, leave room for further speculation. As fans eagerly await Wednesday season 2, they can expect news updates and behind-the-scenes insights to keep them engaged and excited about what’s to come.

Jenna Ortega Says Wednesday Season 2 Will Introduce Craziest Addams Family Member

The impending release of Wednesday season 2 has generated immense enthusiasm among fans, who eagerly discuss the show’s potential developments. The cast members themselves contribute to the excitement, sharing their theories about the addition of new characters.

While Cousin Itt and Grandmama emerge as the most popular suggestions, the possibilities for new Addams Family members appearing in the upcoming season leave fans intrigued. As the anticipation continues to build, viewers are encouraged to stay tuned for further news and updates about Wednesday season 2.