Jennifer Lawrence Most Embarrassing Moments

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By FilMonger

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood, thanks to her roles in films like “The Hunger Games” and “Silver Linings Playbook.” 

But before her massive success, Lawrence was struggling to make it as an actress and model in New York, where she moved when she was just 14. 

After getting her big break as the tough-as-nails teenager Ree in the 2010 indie drama “Winter’s Bone,” Lawrence shot to superstardom, appearing in several “X-Men” movies and dramas like “American Hustle.”

In an interview with “60 Minutes” last year, Lawrence revealed that her formal education only went as far as middle school — since she moved to New York when she was 14 to pursue acting.  

As a kid, Lawrence begged her parents to let her move to New York to try her hand at acting after she was discovered there by a modeling scout while on vacation, They let the aspiring actress move to the city with her older brother, Blaine, when he was 19 and Lawrence was 14. 

The star played softball, field hockey, and basketball on a boys’ team while in school. She was also a cheerleader for her middle school. In addition to sports, Lawrence’s family owned a horse farm when she was a kid — and her first horse was a pony called Muffin.

Lawrence acted in church plays and school musicals when she was a kid, but one of her more memorable roles was when she appeared in a play based on Bible stories when she was nine.