John Boyega Gets Vocal About “Episode IX: The Rise of the Skywalker”, Calls It the “Worst” in Disney’s Trilogy

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By Doctor Doom

In a recent interview, an actor from the Star Wars franchise bravely revealed their choice for the weakest movie in Disney’s trilogy. The actor, whose identity remains undisclosed, openly expressed their opinion on this extensively debated topic.

Out of the three movies in Disney’s Star Wars trilogy, the actor singled out” The Last Jedi” as their least favorite. Directed by Rian Johnson, this film sparked heated conversations among fans upon its release and has remained a point of contention ever since.

Disney Movie from Star Wars Franchise ” The Last Jedi” Revealed to be Weakest Movie

The actor emphasized that their standpoint is private and that they hold respect for the creative decisions made by the filmmakers. However, they admitted feeling somewhat disappointed with” The Last Jedi,” as it deviated significantly from the traditional Star Wars narrative and character bends.

Despite the criticisms, the actor honored that the Star Wars franchise as a whole continues to hold a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. Each movie, while subject to different opinions, has contributed to the cherished saga’s enduring legacy.

It’s essential to remember that opinions on movies can vary extensively, and even within a franchise, there will be differing views on what makes a particular film stand out. Ultimately, it’s the collaborative passion for Star Wars that unites fans, making it one of the most iconic and influential franchises in cinematic history.