Kate Middleton’s Competitive Spirit Shines as She Takes on Beer Pong

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By Black Widow

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, is known for her grace and poise in public, but behind the scenes, her competitive nature adds a delightful layer to her personality. In a recent episode of The Good, The Bad & The Rugby podcast, hosted by Mike Tindall, her cousin-in-law and Queen Elizabeth’s grandson-in-law, Kate revealed her spirited side. The podcast also featured Prince William and Princess Anne, who are patrons of various rugby unions.

Kate’s Competitive Streak

During the podcast, Mike Tindall teased Kate about her competitiveness. He playfully remarked that she was “uber-competitive,” to which Kate responded with a coy denial, saying she wasn’t competitive at all. However, Mike wasn’t about to let her off the hook and revealed a fun anecdote: “I’ve seen her play beer pong!”

This revelation gave listeners a glimpse into Kate’s willingness to dive into spirited games, even those as casual as beer pong. It’s evident that her competitive spirit isn’t confined to formal royal events.

Royal Rivalry: Kate Middleton vs. Prince William

Prince William and Kate are known to challenge each other in various activities during their royal engagements. From spin bike races (which Kate won) to sailing contests (where William emerged victorious), the royal couple enjoys a friendly rivalry. Even in table tennis, they’ve never managed to finish a game, as it often turns into a mental battle. William humorously described it as “who can out-mental each other.”

Kate Middleton

Princess Anne chimed in, suggesting that their competitive spirit may have passed down to their three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Kate acknowledged this and emphasized that all her children have different temperaments, eagerly exploring various sports as they grow.

Sports Enthusiasm in the Royal Family

Kate shared insights into her children’s involvement in sports, highlighting the positive changes she’s observed. She revealed that her daughter, Princess Charlotte, now plays both rugby and soccer, which weren’t typical school sports during her own upbringing. Kate expressed her delight in seeing young girls participate in these sports, emphasizing their growth and development.

During the summer, Princess Kate demonstrated her rugby skills at the Maidenhead Rugby Club, confirming the royal family’s enthusiasm for the sport. Nigel Gillingham, President of the Rugby Football Union, mentioned that they often play rugby with the kids and noted that Princess Charlotte is quite competitive, much like her mother.

As the podcast episode was released, Princess Kate traveled to France to support England at the Rugby World Cup 2023 Group Stage match against Argentina, showcasing her ongoing passion for the sport.

Kate Middleton’s appearance on The Good, The Bad & The Rugby podcast offered a delightful glimpse into her competitive side and her family’s love for sports. Her willingness to engage in casual games like beer pong alongside her dedication to promoting sports for young girls adds another layer to her multifaceted role as a royal.